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Eynsham Abbey Heritage Walk

Stones from Eynsham Abbey (some rescued by the Eynsham History Group over the years, others excavated by the Oxford Archaeology Unit in the 1990s) have been used to create an illustrated walk round the precinct of the former abbey (1005-1538). There are six 'cairns' sited in the Square; St. Peter's Church carpark; at Hoskins's farm in Abbey Street; at the Station Road entrance to the fishponds; and two on the south and east boundaries of the village playing fields. Each 'cairn' carries an information panel with text, and an artist's impression of the scene from that site as it may have looked in medieval times. The largest and most informative is in St. Peter's Church car-park, close to the site of the great abbey church and the recent excavations.

It's best to start the Walk, not in the Square, but in St Peter's Church car-park (you can see how to get there on the panel in the Square). As you go into the car-park, the panel is on your left after a few yards.

Note that the directions on the Panel in Abbey Street are wrong. They tell you retrace your steps up Abbey Street; if you do this, you miss out the main panel in St Peter's church car-park. Instead, carry straight on past the panel, and after a few yards turn left into car-park. After another 30 yds or so, turn left again to Panel.
A free leaflet describing the walk, published by the Eynsham History Group, is available in the Library.

A surprising teatowel showing the 42 ways of spelling Eynsham was designed as part of the Abbey Millennium celebrations - click here for more.

map of Walk - scroll down and click on Abbey Heritage Trail