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links to other allotment Websites

Here are some links to other Websites you may find useful.

If you know of other Websites which you think should be here, contact us, and we'll put it on this page.


National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners - useful links to other gardening and vegetable Websites on this otherwise very boring site.

Allotments UK - part of the Royal Horticultural Society's Website, this offers a motley collection of tips (maybe collections of tips are always a bit motley, whatever that is ?), and links to lots of other Websites about growing and marketing organic/sustainable/local food. Very useful.

Allotment and Vegetable Gardening Ring - a useful portal giving links to lots of other sites about growing vegetables and starting and maintaining allotments. There are 70 sites on it - you can search them for any particular subject you are looking for.

Sam's site - another beginner's story, engagingly told, and simply laid out.

other Allotment Associations - about 50 on this site

The Future for Allotments, Government report, 1998 - lots of interesting and useful information

The Allotment Sourcebook - an excellent new book - review and 20% discount for llotment-holders and Eynsham residents.

general vegetable/garden Websites

Paul's' Garden World - comprehensive site with useful tips on almost everything - composting, weeds, individual plants, pests, tools, the lot.

The Royal Horticultural Society - a huge Website - as it says, the Gateway to Gardening. They have a special section to help you grow your own.

The BBC's gardening section - mostly about flower gardens, but type Vegetables into the Search box and you'll find a lot of helpful stuff.

HDRA The Organic Organisation has a page on starting an allotment - from scratch - very detailed and down-to-earth guide - a really useful resource for first-timers.

Bunty's Blog is a very good fortnightly guide to starting an allotment.