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Eynsham Allotment Association

Local Food

If you're interested in locally produced food for sale in Eynsham, click here.

Each full allotment is 10 rods - or (to jump a year or two) 250 square metres - an area designed originally to keep a family of four in vegetables throughout the year. Click here for more on the origins and history of allotments.

Allotments cost £18/year (£13 for people over 60) - there's a currently a small waiting list - contact John & Sara Bannister, 19 Queen Street 880 324 if you want one.

We plan to use this part of the Website to share the experience of our members - click here to see what we're sharing so far.

The soil is quite heavy Oxford clay (tips on cultivating) - its pH (more on this) is more or less neutral (pH6.5-7).

There are Working Parties 3 or 4 times a winter - a couple of hours on a Sunday morning, when members do communal work to keep the allotment fields in good condition. Sometimes outside volunteers also help - click here for details of a very successful group from from Witney College.


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If you're interested in organic cultivation, it's worth visiting Garden Organic's website.
Bunty's Blog is a very good fortnightly guide to starting an allotment.

The Allotment Sourcebook

There are lots of books on Allotments - but this is a particularly good one - just owut, and available to Eynsham allotment-holders and residents with a 20% discount. Click here for a review by one of our Members.

The laid hedge between Fields 1 & 2 (Winter/06). Before it was laid, it looked more like a row of trees, and obscured the sunlight from the plots to the north of it (on Field 2).
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